Reputation Management

Online reputation management is something that is often overlooked, until it confronts you…HARD!

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Do you think your reputation matters in life?

Do you think we people see about you online affects your reputation and how they perceive you?

Who do we help?

When we do online reputation management work, we have two (2) types of people and companies we help:

1. You have BAD NEWS about you online, and it’s real easy for people to find it.
2. There is not any bad news about you online, but you are pretty sure it’s coming soon.

Obviously, it’s always better to prepare in advance of trouble, but we don’t always have that luxury.  Sometimes, bad news hits us…long before we’re ready for it.

When people look up your name (or your company’s name) online, are people seeing negative things about you?

Are you losing business because of your bad online reputation?

Does it feel like your privacy is being violated?

How do we help?

YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION MATTERS, but you can’t erase or delete what other people write about you online.  It certainly does not matter to Google, but it matters to you.

You can’t erase bad news, but you can push down the bad news.  If you’re not sure how to do that, we’re here to help.

We never erase anything (unless we wrote it), but we make that bad news a whole lot more difficult to find (like putting on Page 5, where few people are ever willing to go).

Sometimes, it’s easier than others, depending upon how much damage has been done.

Ideally, you know it’s coming in advance, and you can prepare yourself.  That’s when it’s the least costly, but we understand that life surprises us, and we have to deal with its aftermath.

We’re here to do that for you.

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