About Us

Right Now Marketing Group was started by Ralph “Mark” Maupin, who most people know as Mark Maupin.

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Mark has always been around business and has an amazing track record of business success:

--Graduated College with a departmental marketing award from Southeastern Missouri University

--Ranked #1 Salesperson at Shell Oil (as a rep for regional gas station franchises)

--Owned and Operated 14 full-service gas stations throughout Metro Detroit

--Operated a Towing & Snow Plowing Business

--Owned a Junkyard and sold it for $1 Million (sold it to be with his dying mother)

--Bought and sold over 3500 real estate properties

--Ran Investing Seminars & Taught Real Estate Investing Courses at a college and privately

--Provided marketing service for five national franchises and over 100 individual businesses

Mark has done a lot, and much of his success has not gone unnoticed.

What make Mark get into the Internet Business?

When you get to the top of your game, it’s great.  Things look really good…UNTIL you become so noticeable that people start attacking you.

Plus, people make mistakes, not necessarily from malice but from miscalculation.

Real estate is not the place to do that, though.  Mark made some mistakes, and they generated a lot of attention…from the wrong people.

A lawsuit was being brought against Mark, and someone posted a negative article online that reflected poorly on Mark.

The lawsuit was dropped.  Mark was not guilty.

HOWEVER, the Internet was not so forgiving.  That negative article remained, and business was suffering.

So…Mark knew this was causing harm to his business and some people’s willingness to work with him.  He could not remove that post, because he is not the one who wrote it.

Therefore, he TAUGHT HIMSELF how to create enough good news about himself (or at least enough non-negative news) so that…EVENTUALLY…he created enough material to push down that negative article.

So he learned this business, because he lived through his own trials.  He was motivated to learn it.

Eventually, he learned how to combine what he learned from rescuing his own online reputation, and experience with different service companies from his gas station, towing, snow plowing, construction, and real estate investing days.  Not only did he learn how to work his way around the Internet to revive his reputation, but he also learned how to generate leads for different service businesses.

Mark knows what it is like to have a business that is not generating leads.  It’s not very good!

He also knows what it is like to have negative information about you floating around the Internet…and feeling you’re powerless to do anything about it.

Mark learned how to tilt the power in favor of himself by using the Internet as a tool.

Many other people and businesses have benefited from his online expertise, also.

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