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We help people find you so that you can help people quickly.

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Right Now Marketing Group is an online marketing company…and a really good one, but we only help some customers.

Mostly, we generate leads for our customers.  If you want more business, in some cases, we are an excellent solution.  We have a unique approach that makes us dominate some key parts of the Internet.

Who do we help?

Unfortunately, we can’t help everybody, but we’re really good at helping certain types of businesses and people.  Here is a look at who we help.

Types of Business: Non-Medical, At-Location Services (especially during Emergencies)

We focus on serving customers who perform work at the client’s location (home, business, or the road) rather than their own home retail spot.

We like to focus on businesses that have a large service area (multiple cities).

Examples of Business Industries We Service
Appliance Repair Service
Plumbing and Septic Service
Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling (HVAC) Service
Towing Service
Dryer Vent Cleaning Service (one of the leading causes of fires)
Locksmith Services
Emergency Courier and Delivery Services
Pest Control Service
Computer Repair & Service

We service other industries, but this list should give you a better idea.

Which customers do we help?  (Our Policy)

Within each industry, we ONLY take one (1) customer per city.  This keeps us from allowing one of our customers to compete with another customer in the same area doing the same thing.

If you have the type of business we just listed, a good question is…Can we help you?

Contact us to see whether your area is available: (248) 939-6232

How do we help?

At-location service companies don’t make money unless they have people who call them looking for their help within their service area.  (Obviously, they have to be willing to PAY for it, too.)

We understand that, while branding your company might be nice, most of your customers NEED HELP NOW.  They are simply looking for a phone number, not a specific brand name.

OUR GOAL: We get in front of the customer in several of the places he or she is most likely to look for help:  GOOGLE!  (Nearly 70% of all searches are done on Google.)  We make it easy for these customers to find you…and call you.  That’s our goal!

This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Our approach is different, but how?

Let’s face it, there are TONS of SEO companies claiming to get you to the top of Google.  Some of them are very good…really good, in fact.

However, every other company seems to have the same approach: Get your website at the top of Page 1 of Google.  (Over 90% of people searching never look beyond Page 1…Page 2 is okay, but very few people will find you.)  So this is not a bad approach.


We believe if having one (1) site on Page 1 is good, having MANY SITES on Page 1 is even better.

In other words, OUR GOAL is PAGE DOMINATION.  In truth, we do not always achieve that, but it is always our goal.  You might be surprised how often we achieve it.

We believe there is never too much of a good thing.

The biggest benefit of our approach

Not only does our approach of page domination increase the chance of people finding YOU, but it also removes spots for them to see your competitor.

Another benefit of our approach

Google is a great company.  They really care about its customers.  Therefore, they are always looking for ways to improve, and they keep changing their search algorithm.

What does that mean?

Essentially, Google keeps changing the “rules” about how they determine who and which websites they listed on Page 1.

So if you or your SEO company only tries to rank one website on Page 1, this is good…unless their improvements (changes) cause your site to drop off Page 1.  Now, you’re in trouble!

However, since we try to get MULTIPLE sites on Page 1, you’re protected.  We’ve never seen any one (1) change from Google wipe out EVERY site we get on Page 1.

In other words, our method provides a hedge against Google’s changes of making a hugely negative impact on your business.

If your business fits the description of the type of client we service (see the above list), give us a call.  Let us help you help more people…and grow your business, too!

Call (248) 939-6232 to learn more.